Join as an effective clinical decision making tool for medical education

Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Dudda, Clinic for Trauma, Hand & Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. med. Stephanie Herbstreit, Department of Orthopedics & Trauma Surgery
University Hospital Essen
Essen, Germany

“I think the big challenge these days is really teaching practical skills and decisions. This is no longer possible only through frontal lessons. In the age of digitization, we use modern media, such as apps and tablets. The big advantages are that students have to plan diagnostics and therapy in real time, like a real doctor, and make decisions. Join integrates students into everyday clinical practice.

One big advantage of Join is that we can present students with a realistic presentation of patient imaging during a course, internship and other events. In addition, students can become active themselves. Clinical Decision Making is a very active teaching format for students. You must actively make decisions about patient cases. The students are presented with problems and they have to decide for themselves what to do When they then make the decision for imaging, the image is immediately available in the Join app. You can then look at it directly, get information and make therapy decisions.”