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Efficient triage and transfer

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Seamless first-aid and personal health record

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Fast, Seamless and Secure

The Allm Platform seamlessly connects interdisciplinary teams within the medical environment to swiftly provide patients with the care they need.
Join, which plays a major role in the Allm Platform, is HIPAA and EU GDPR compliant, and ISO27001 certified permitting secure collaboration between healthcare professionals from the palm of your hands.

Bridging Silos Enhancing Collaboration

The Allm Platform can be used throughout the patient journey, guiding both patients as well as medical professionals even before the patient reaches the hospital. The platform permits and the integration of data unlike any other, allowing efficient data sharing and smooth handoffs.

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Join - The Hub for Medical Systems

Join is certified as a software medical device by PMDA (Japan), FDA (United States), CE (European Economic Area), and ANVISA (Brazil) .
Join can be integrated into internal IT systems, enabling users to view and share medical image data (MRIs, CTs), EMR information*, various diagnostic images, laboratory data, prescriptions, and live streaming videos* (ER, ICU, vital monitors, etc.) *Optional features

Transformative mHealth Solutions

Through our transformative mHealth solutions and extensive global partnerships, we provide tools for seamless care coordination and multidisciplinary medical collaboration to guiding healthcare professionals.

Trusted by the Forefront in Healthcare

Our products and solutions not only empower healthcare professionals, but also the entire healthcare industry.

Testimonials from Healthcare Professionals

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Martin Köhrmann

    Deputy Director of the Department of Neurology - University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    The ambulances can contact us with stroke patients or suspected strokes directly via Join and send us important information before the patient even arrives at the hospital. This way, we can optimally prepare ourselves for the treatment.

  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Achim Koch

    Senior Physician, Department of Thoracic Organ Transplantation - University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    We have developed a fixed schedule according to which we have defined certain times, such as acceptance of an organ offer, extraction team leaves the recipient hospital, arrives at the donor hospital, has seen the organ, etc. These timestamps are set in Join. So the whole team knows what the current status is.

  • Prof. Dr. med. Adrian Ringelstein

    Head of Neuroradiology - Maria Hilf Hospital, Mönchengladbach, Germany

    We use Join in our hospital as the first line of communication. If one of the specialists is not on site for example, communication takes place via Join. We send DICOM images and videos to the specialist, and he answers directly in the chat.

  • Daniel Funke

    Team leader Imaging - Systems University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    Join is extremely easy to implement. It was literally half a day’s work until Join worked. That makes the life of IT very easy.


Why Allm?

Our platform enables seamless collaboration throughout the patient’s journey. View our use cases below.

Join supports a race against time at ER
Satoshi Takeda, MD, PhD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Emergency Medicine
The Jikei University School of Medicine
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