• Marc Fisher, MD

    Professor, Harvard Medical School, Neurologist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, former Editor-in-Chief, STROKE Journal, current President, World Stroke Organization- Boston, MA

    The Join app solution is an important advance for providing care for acute stroke patients. It allows physicians and other healthcare personnel to interact with patients and each other remotely in a secure and easily accessible manner.

    Bradley Kruger, M.Ed, MBA

    Chief Operating Officer, HAALO Integrated Health (a joint venture of Advocate Aurora Healthcare) - Milwaukee, WI

    The Join and JoinTriage apps are mHealth solutions that are transforming the way clinicians and caregivers are communicating and sharing information securely for acute care coordination and collaboration across health system. It provides support along the patient care continuum, from EMS ambulance to nearest ED center, and from a primary hospital to comprehensive hospital, in a seamless cloud environment coupled...

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  • Amelia Adcock, MD

    Associate Professor, Associate Director, WVU Stroke Center, Director, WVU Center for Teleneurology and Telestroke - Morgantown, WV

    We have collaborated with Allm to create a custom FAST-ED scale in JoinTriage for West Virginia use by capturing tPA potential and functional status for better patient outcomes. The innovative mobile apps of JoinTriage and Join facilitate the total coordination, real-time communications, team collaboration, sharing information including medical imaging studies, accessing case list, protocol timestamping, telehealth, and seamless clinical research...

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    Anthony Arauz, MD, PhD

    Professor and Vascular Neurologist, Head of National Institute of Neurology - Mexico City, Mexico

    We’re happy to have implemented the Join app solution as a first-of-its-kind in Mexico with helping acute care conditions such as stroke in terms of care team collaboration, imaging studies sharing, and improving care quality, safety and outcomes. It includes not only our super specialty hospital but connecting seamlessly with remote hospitals as a better care network. Using the Join...

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  • Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Achim Koch

    Senior Physician, Department of Thoracic Organ Transplantation - University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    We have developed a fixed schedule according to which we have defined certain times, such as acceptance of an organ offer, extraction team leaves the recipient hospital, arrives at the donor hospital, has seen the organ, etc. These timestamps are set in Join. So the whole team knows what the current status is.

    Guillermo Linares, MD

    Associate Professor, Vascular and Neurointerventional Services, Saint Louis University - St. Louis, MO

    I have used Join solutions for over three years now. JoinTriage has had a significant and positive impact in the care of stroke patients by streamlining multidisciplinary communication, improving triage and decreasing time to treat.

  • Omar Pichardo, MD

    Neuro Interventionlist, Christus Health - Merida, Mexico

    JoinTriage, Join, and MySOS applications form a perfect set of essential tools for any stroke center these days. The possibility of pre-notifications and real-time tracking of patients can speed up their treatments which leads to better outcomes every time.

    Jay Dolia, MD

    Clinical Instructor of Neurology, Neuroendovascular Surgery Fellow, UPMC - Pittsburgh, PA

    I have used the Join solution realizing the dual purpose of stroke care and clinical research with its effective team collaboration while working as a Vascular Neurology Fellow. Its simplicity, making clinical data available in real-time, and integration into the large healthcare system where I worked was wonderful for our team of clinicians and researchers. I aim to integrate this...

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  • Demetrius Lopes, MD

    Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery and the Comprehensive Stroke Program Surgical Director, Advocate Aurora Health, Professor of Neurosurgery, RUSH University - Chicago, IL

    I have been successfully using the Join app over several years for acute stroke care including interventions at comprehensive stroke centers and primary stroke centers as well as remote consulting to triage and transport the patients in the health system and the region across neighboring states for better patient outcomes. The Join medical communications app along with its built-in features...

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    Dr. Carlos Molina

    Director Stroke Unit and Brain Hemodynamics, Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron - Barcelona, Spain

    Over the last two years Join has been successfully implemented in our Stroke Centre. Join has dramatically improved the level and quality of communication among professionals involved in the acute stroke care by means of a fast, secure and high quality CT and MR imaging sharing. In essence, Join has contributed of shortening door-to-needle and door-to-groin times for brain reperfusion...

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