• Agnieszka Ardelt,MD, PhD, MBA

    Neurosurgeon - Cleveland, OH

    The Join app is an excellent tool for comprehensive stroke centers, especially those serving the community utilizing a hub-spoke model of care. The company is extremely responsive to local needs and rapidly adapts the software and develops new applications based on clinician input.

    Dr. María Alonso de Leciñana

    Stroke Neurologist, Department of Neurology and Stroke Center, University Hospital La Paz - Madrid, Spain

    Join has great potential for controlling and dealing with stroke cases. Sharing CT and MR images fastly and in high quality enhances our daily work and boosts our level of collaboration. This is particularly important when so many different medical professionals work together.

  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Martin Köhrmann

    Deputy Director of the Department of Neurology - University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    The ambulances can contact us with stroke patients or suspected strokes directly via Join and send us important information before the patient even arrives at the hospital. This way, we can optimally prepare ourselves for the treatment.

    Prof. Dr. med. Adrian Ringelstein

    Head of Neuroradiology - Maria Hilf Hospital, Mönchengladbach, Germany

    We use Join in our hospital as the first line of communication. If one of the specialists is not on site for example, communication takes place via Join. We send DICOM images and videos to the specialist, and he answers directly in the chat.

  • Daniel Funke

    Team leader Imaging - Systems University Hospital Essen (AöR), Germany

    Join is extremely easy to implement. It was literally half a day’s work until Join worked. That makes the life of IT very easy.

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