Optometrist, Spec-Savers & Execuspecs - Cape Town, South Africa

Henry George Alexander, MBA, MPH

Join has provided a platform for us to utilise our imaging equipment more effective and efficiently. We are now able with the assistance of Join to communicate up and down the referral chain of the eye care industry in a safe and secure space with the added advantage of integrating quality images for timeous diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
One initiative is the implementation of a Diabetic Retinopathy Screening programme (DRS) where we utilise a centralised non-mydriatic fundus camera to take 2D images of the retina by a technician and then uploading the images to Join where the optometrist on-call can grade the images from anywhere and provide real-time feedback. This is of particular importance in a resource-scarce country with a significant diabetic population such as South Africa, and allows for scale to be achieved.

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