The Allm Platform Provides Seamless Collaboration and Integration

Healthcare professionals can collaborate and share patient data securely at each stage of the patient’s visit. It is the first platform of its kind to enable continuity and collaboration throughout the entire process of an acute emergency event, streamlining the patient experience and simplifying the workflow of healthcare providers.

Unleashing the Power of Innovative mHealth Solutions

Our smartphone-based solutions are integrated with one another, improving patient care and teamwork by permitting efficient data and information exchange. We aim to enhance the patient experience through innovative mHealth solutions.

Seamless Communication

Join simplifies communication and collaboration between clinicians and healthcare providers with its secure and compliant patient information sharing technology. It enables clinicians to view high-resolution CT/MRI images via a DICOM viewer, reducing the need for them to switch between sites and helping speed up care delivery without sacrificing quality.

Seamless Triage

JoinTriage provides instant and accurate triage using clinically-proven algorithms and recommends appropriate nearby medical centers to emergency personnel. Integrating with Join, it permits patient information to be shared prior to patient arrival, allowing ample time for healthcare professionals to prepare personalized and optimal patient care.

Seamless First-Aid

MySOS is the ultimate emergency companion. MySOS is a free application for patients comprising of essential first-aid and basic life support guides, and a patient health record system that can be easily shared to healthcare providers during an emergency.

“Plug and Play”

We provide creative solutions for every user ranging from the private, public, academic, to civilian sector. All for the purpose of streamlining patient care and simplifying the healthcare professional workflow.

Advanced AI Image Analysis

Medical images such as MRIs and CT sent through Join automatically links with AI-based analysis programs, and can provide diagnostic support for detecting the presence of cerebral hemorrhage in an instant (depending on region).

Academically Effective

The organ transplant team at Essen University Hospital quantitatively evaluated the half-year effect of using Join, and found communication has improved between the donor and organ transplant team, streamlining the time to transplantation. Also working together to integrate sepsis prediction and monitoring capabilities.

Carry Own Health Records

MySOS seamlessly integrates into healthcare provider systems in clinics and hospitals, permitting users to store their health records and even medical images such as CT or MRI.

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