Seamless first-aid and personal health record

A support app for life-saving and healthcare


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MySOS is a lifesaving assistance and health support app where user can keep their medical data & contact information. Emergency medical professionals can use these medical records to better assess a patient’s condition, potentially reducing the time until treatment in a hospital. If needed, they can use information stored in the app to contact the user’s family members. Not only in case of emergency, but you can check your treatment history and medical checkup results anytime to keep yourself healthy.


Instant SOS

Easily sends an SOS to other MySOS users nearby as well as their emergency contacts.

Personal Health Records​

Health records and medical history can be stored and are accessible anytime.

Registering Emergency Contacts

Enables to notify family members and friends instantly during an emergency.

First-Aid Guide

Guides for first-aid during various emergencies are available including step-by-step guidance for CPR.

Integration with Join

Medical images such as MRI and CT can be shared through an integration with Join.

Prescription History

Information regarding prescriptions and prescription history can be recorded.

Understanding MySOS


Access to Health Information

Results of health examinations and clinical records will be stored in MySOS, permitting access to health data anytime and anywhere.

Telemedicine Support

Collaborating with healthcare services, users can receive remote support from nurses and dietitians via chat and video calls based on their healthcare needs.

Seamless Sharing Capabilities

Users can easily share their past examination results and diagnostic images (e.g. MRI and CT) to healthcare providers through Join.

Instant SOS Signaling

Users can send and receive SOS requests when an emergency occurs nearby. They can also locate and call 911 (119 for Japan) through the app.

Rescue Operations for Events

The headquarters can supervise and support rescue team via the administration screen, and nearby team members can quickly arrive at the SOS location using the map.

Immediate Access to Dialysis Records

Collaborating with clinics, users can smoothly share the information for dialysis stored in the app even if the medical information system goes down at the time of disaster.

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