About Us

Enabling a New Era of Collaboration in Healthcare

We aim to enable seamless information sharing and collaboration among healthcare professionals through our cloud-based solutions. By permitting instant and secure communication, we hope to support and empower all to provide patient-centric efficient care anywhere and anytime.


Allm (a portmanteau of the phrase ‘All Medical’) is a company dedicated to empowering society by shaping healthcare.
We aim to support and empower society by providing cloud-based technologies and secure communication platforms for the healthcare industry.

Our Mission

To provide solutions that revolutionize clinical communication, reduce healthcare expenditures, streamline clinical workflows, improve all levels of patient care.

Our Vision

To transform healthcare both locally and globally by providing leading healthcare solutions.

Our Values

Providing clients with absolute security, privacy, and value-based patient-centric care.


SkillUpJapan LTD established in Nakano-ku, Tokyo to undertake development and consulting of computer software related to the distribution of digital content.
Entry into medical ICT business. “Join”, a communication app for medical professionals, launched.
Changed the company name to “Allm Inc.”
Allm USA Inc. established.
Allm S.A. established.
“MySOS”, a smartphone app for first-aid support and medical records, launched.
Allm EMEA GmbH established.
Taiwan Allm Inc.(安健全球網股份有限公司)established.
Allm MEA FZ-LLC established.
Capital and business alliance with Royal Philips was announced.
“JoinTriage”, a triage app for EMS providers, launched.
Capital and business alliance with Eisai Co., Ltd was announced.

Corporate Offices

Our global network of affiliate companies in Japan, Brazil, Chile, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan and here in the United States distinguishes us as a global leader medical ICT solutions. To build next-generation healthcare systems, it is essential to share knowledge, experience and communication without borders and our experience is unparalleled.

Together, we’ll build a new era of digital healthcare communication.

Allm Inc.

Country: Japan
Address: Yushin bldg. Shinkan 2F, 3-27-11 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002

Allm USA Inc.

Country: USA (Massachusetts)
Sales bases for North America
Address: 125 Cambridgepark Dr, #301, Cambridge, MA 02140

Allm S.A.

Country: Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Sales bases for medical ICT solutions and operation bases for medical SNS
Address: Av. Nações Unidas 12901 – 25th floor, Campo Belo, Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

Allm EMEA GmbH

Country: Germany (Erlangen)
Sales bases for EU
Address: Henkestr. 91, 91058 Erlangen, Germany

Taiwan Allm Inc.

Country: Taiwan (Taipei)
Sales bases for China and Taiwan
Address: 2F, No.457, Chongyang Rd., Nangang Dist, Taipei City 115, Taiwan


Country: UAE (Dubai)
Sales bases for Middle East
Address: Unit 205, Floor 2, Al Baker Building, 26th St, Dubai Healthcare City, DUBAI U.A.E.

Soluciones Tecnológicas e Informaticas Chile-Japón SPA

Country: Chile (Santiago)
Sales/development bases for edutainment platforms
Address: Evaristo Lillo 78, oficina 22, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Jach Technology SpA.

Country: Chile (Santiago)
Sales/development bases for omni-channel solutions
Address: Cerro el plomo 5855, of 1709, Las Condes. Santiago, Chile