11.15.2022 Join
A pilot study in a comprehensive stroke center by using Join to improve stroke code workflow metrics

Raquel GZ, Jorge U, Juan Carlos SM, et al.: The use of a smartphone application to improve stroke code workflow metrics: A pilot study in a comprehensive stroke centre, DIGITAL HEALTH, 2022, Volume 8

06.01.2022 Join
Verification of the usefulness of regional telemedicine network using Join in neuro-emergency patient care

Sato H, Kinoshita M, Tani Y, et al.: The health economic effects of an imaging technology–based telemedicine system for rural neuro-emergency patient care, Neurosurgical Focus, 2022, Volume 52, E2

05.28.2022 Join
Image sharing among doctors using Join on the night and holiday emergency medical service

Tanitame K, Arald H, Nosaka R, et al.: 情報通信技術を用いた夜間休日救急医療における医師間画像情報共有, 広島医学, 2022, Vol. 75 No. 5, 191-197

02.22.2022 Join
Using Join to speed communication of CT findings in acute cerebral infarction

Sanchez CJ, Su A, Sharperson C, Prater AB, et al.: Expedited communication of CT findings for acute stroke using a HIPAA-compliant messaging system, Neuroscience Informatics, 2022, 2

02.11.2022 Join
A feasibility study of secure remote neuro-endovascular consultation using Join

Ishibashi T, Kaku S, Sonoda S, Murayama Y: Remote neuro-endovascular consultation using a secure telemedicine system: A feasibility study, Surgical Neurology International, 2022, 13(47)

12.01.2021 Join
Effects of introducing Join as a telemedicine tool into neurological emergency system in local emergency hospital

Fujita K, Hirayama K, Tsuji N, et al.: 地方二次救急病院における脳神経救急診療への遠隔画像診断支援アプリ「JOIN」導入効果, Journal of Japan Society of Neurological Emergencies & Critical Care, 2021, Vol. 33 No. 2, 34-41

08.06.2021 JoinJoinTriage
The field validation of FAST-ED by using Join and JoinTriage

Daly M, Cummings C, Kittell M, Dubuque A, et al.: Validation of field assessment stroke triage for emergency destination for prehospital use in a rural EMS system, American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2021, Volume 50, 178–182

08.02.2021 MySOSTeam
A prospective cohort study analyzing the cycle threshold (Ct) value trends in patients with mild COVID-19

Sakano T, Urashima M, Takao H, Takeshita K, Kobashi H, Fujiwara T: Differential Kinetics of Cycle Threshold Values during Admission by Symptoms among Patients with Mild COVID-19: A Prospective Cohort Study, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021, 18(15), 8181

04.15.2021 Join
Improvement of the stroke care by using the Join application

Takao H, Sakai K, Mitsumura H, Komatsu T, et al.: A Smartphone Application as a Telemedicine Tool for Stroke Care Management, Neurologia medico-chirurgica, 2021, 61(4), 260-267

02.26.2021 Join
Join facilitates information sharing among stroke teams and helps to shroten the time to reprefusion therapy

Sakai K, Sato T, Komatsu T, Mitsumura H, et al.: Communication-type smartphone application can contribute to reducing elapsed time to reperfusion therapy, Neurological Sciences, 2021

12.22.2020 Join
Summary of how irreversibly the practice of medicine has transformed

Gisele Sampaio Silva, Lee H. Schwamm: Advances in Stroke, Stroke, 2021, 52(1), 351–355

06.11.2020 Join
Thrombectomy for stroke in the public health care system of brazil

Martins SO, Mont’Alverne F, Rebello LC, et al.: Thrombectomy for Stroke in the Public Health Care System of Brazil., N Engl J Med, 2020, 382(24), 2316–26

06.09.2020 Join
Comparing DWI interpretation using Join with a desktop PC monitor

Sakai K, Komatsu T, Iguchi Y, Takao H, et al.: Reliability of Smartphone for Diffusion-Weighted Imaging-Alberta Stroke Program Early Computed Tomography Scores in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients: Diagnostic Test Accuracy Study, Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2020, 22(6), e15893

05.18.2020 JoinJoinTriage
Review of medical artificial intelligence (AI)

Ishii E, Ebner DK, Kimura S: The advent of medical artificial intelligence: Lessons from the Japanese approach., J Intensive Care, 2020, 8(1), 4–9

04.10.2020 JoinJoinTriageMySOS
Introduction of empirical research and practice in emergency and disaster medical care using the functions of MySOS, Join, and JoinTriage

武田 聡, 竹下 康平, 高尾 洋之: 情報技術を用いた救急医療・災害医療をつなぐ・支える取り組み, 計測と制御, 2020, 59(4), 263-268

04.05.2020 Join
Verification of the usefulness of ophthalmic diagnostic support using a smartphone with an anterior segment imaging attachment and a medical SNS

花田 一臣, 石子 智士, 木ノ内 玲子, 守屋 潔, et al.: 前眼部撮影用アタッチメントを装着したスマートフォンと医療用social networking service(SNS)を用いた眼科診断支援, 眼科, 2020, 62(4), 399-406

12.18.2019 Join
Validation of Join in the evaluation and treatment of acute stroke for tele medicine

Martins SCO, Weiss G, Almeida AG, et al.: Validation of a Smartphone Application in the Evaluation and Treatment of Acute Stroke in a Comprehensive Stroke Center., Stroke, 2020, 51(1), 240–6

09.13.2019 JoinTriage
Treatment options in stroke care

Lima FO, Mont’Alverne FJA, Bandeira D, Nogueira RG: Pre-hospital Assessment of Large Vessel Occlusion Strokes: Implications for Modeling and Planning Stroke Systems of Care., Front Neurol, 2019, 10, 955

08.20.2019 Join
The history of stroke treatment in Japan and the future of stroke treatment

Toyoda K, Inoue M, Koga M: Small but Steady Steps in Stroke Medicine in Japan, J Am Heart Assoc, 2019, 8(16), e013306

09.05.2017 Join
The examination of Join in the treatment of stroke patients

Munich SA, Tan LA, Nogueira DM, Keigher KM, et al.: Mobile Real-time Tracking of Acute Stroke Patients and Instant, Secure Inter-team Communication – the Join App., Neurointervention, 2017, 12(2), 69-76

04.14.2017 JoinTriage
Review of the smartphone-based triage app Fast-ED (current JoinTriage)

Nogueira RG, Silva GS, Lima FO, et al.: The FAST-ED App: A Smartphone Platform for the Field Triage of Patients With Stroke., Stroke, 2017, 48(5), 1278–1284