Efficient triage and transfer

A triage app for EMS providers


A Race Against Time for Stroke and Cardiac Disease Patients
Reducing time from onset to treatment greatly affects the survival rate and prognosis of patients with stroke and heart disease. JoinTriage provides instant and accurate triage using clinically-proven algorithms, such as FAST-ED, RACE, C-STAT, etc. The technology streamlines emergency patient care by recommending appropriate clinics and hospitals to emergency personnel based on distance and required treatment. JoinTriage also integrates with Join, permitting patient information to be shared prior to patient arrival, allowing ample time for healthcare professionals to prepare personalized and optimal patient care.


Triage Customization

Supports various stroke and cardiovascular triage scales.

Efficient Patient Transfer

Recommends appropriate clinics and hospitals based on distance and required treatment.


Triage data will be saved and shared instantly via cloud storage.

Seamless Hand-offs

Shares patient information prior to patient arrival with Join.

Understanding JoinTriage

Leaflet (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why JoinTriage doesn't show hospitals in my region?
JoinTriage uses a curated list of medical centers. If hospitals in your region are missing, we are happy to add them. Please contact us and share us information.
How does JoinTriage connect to Join?
JoinTriage has built-in connection feature to send the patient assessment results along with ETA (estimated time of arrival) to hospitals via Join. When an emergency department decides to use Join to partner with regional EMS agencies, each ambulance in the area is provided a Join account, as well as training on JoinTriage use. All connections are made by our programmers on the back end, so when an ambulance triages a patient with JoinTriage and sends the information to the hospital through Join, it goes directly to the group message in the Emergency Department and other care team members. The process is seamless, saving precious time and streamlining workflows.
What is JoinCode?
It is a code that we issue per institution. With this code, more features will be available. Please contact us for further information.
However, without the code you can still create your account and use basic features.
Is this solution currently in use?
Globally, hundreds of hospitals and thousands of ambulances are using this solution: in North America, South America, Japan, and Europe. This install base is growing rapidly as we continuously provide innovative updates and expand market research.
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