Fast and seamless implementation of Join

Dr. Juan José Chudyk
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Sagrada Familia Clinic
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Join has been very useful in our institution, the Sagrada Familia Clinic. Because it has changed the way of communication and integration among all teams and different medical services.

Today we have in minutes on the cell phone the image directly from the CT or MRI equipment with all the DICOM precision while preserving the sensitive information of the patient. The monitoring of patient cases has become much more efficient, because it is very easy to record from the application every time point in the different stages of the patient’s follow-up, either her registration, accompaniment or treatment, and throughout the patient journey, medical professionals are aware of everything that is happening. In real time.

The implementation of Join in our institution has been really simple and fast, after the first contact with the technical team of Join, They proceeded to configure each of our centers. Connecting the three modalities we have: tomography, resonance and our mobile stroke unit, a week after the start of the installation, it was ready and operational. As medical professionals we have to live up to this challenge that is to be aligned with the digital transformation. Join is a tool that allows us to be up to date with all these digital transformations.”