Becker's Hospital Review spoke with Harry Reddy, CEO of Allm USA Inc. about the role that cloud-based virtual networks can play in reshaping the patient and provider experience during healthcare emergencies, acute care episodes and community-based care after a hospitalization. Virtual networks — the technology revolution transforming emergency and acute care, Becker's Healthcare

Allm has partnered with Stryker to facilitate streamlined patient care in European stroke centers and improve communication in the whole stroke treatment workflow. In order to keep the consequential damage of a stroke as low as possible, timely treatment is critical for success. With Join, medical professionals can access patient information and imaging and consult on treatment decisions. Additionally, Join enables them to track patient transfers and ensure the team’s...

CEO Teppei Sakano attended the online international conference between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, and the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan on September 4th, 2020, and presented our medical ICT solutions. Uzbekistan and Japan establish cooperation in the field of telemedicine, Uz Daily

Allm S.A. partnered with the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) . The purpose of this partnership is to support radiologists who are on the front line against COVID-19, working in hospitals and care centers in the public health system to have a second opinion on the clinical images of the chest, via tomography Computerized and / or X-ray through Join. Learn more

An article on Allm's solution has been published in Journal of Intensive Care. Allm Inc. is mentioned in the article as a medical AI startup company that provides effective solutions for stroke care. Ishii, E., Ebner, D.K., Kimura, S. et al. The advent of medical artificial intelligence: lessons from the Japanese approach. j intensive care 8, 35 (2020).