Added new customer testimonial videos to Case Studies. Diagnostic imaging via Join improves the quality of cardiovascular care Nobuyoshi Azuma, M.D. Professor and Chairman Department of Vascular Surgery Asahikawa Medical University Join’s coordinated stroke care Yuji Matsumaru, MD, PhD Board Certified Specialist and Consulting Specialist of the Japanese Sciety for Neuroendovascular therapy Board Certified Neurosurgeon of the Japan Neurosurgical Society

A clinical research to study the safety and efficacy of thrombectomy was conducted in Brazil and its paper has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine (impact factor 70.670). Join and JoinTriage were used as a telemedicine platform, allowing medical image sharing, teleconsultation, and patient triage. Martins Sheila O, Mont’Alverne Francisco, Rebello Letícia C, et al., Thrombectomy for Stroke in the Public Health Care System of Brazil. New England Journal...

An article on Allm's solution has been published in Journal of Intensive Care. Allm Inc. is mentioned in the article as a medical AI startup company that provides effective solutions for stroke care. Ishii, E., Ebner, D.K., Kimura, S. et al. The advent of medical artificial intelligence: lessons from the Japanese approach. j intensive care 8, 35 (2020).

Released on Apr. 8th, 2020, Newswire Allm Inc. will provide a collection of coronavirus-related pneumonia chest CT images (hereafter “COVID-19 Image Set”) to medical institutions free of charge. Purpose Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is expected that the number of cases will increase globally. Currently, PCR is necessary for the definitive diagnosis but the procedure takes time and resources, and thus medical professionals resort to chest CT images for...