Teamkommunikation zu Pandemiezeiten

Prof. Dr. Pedro Lylyk
General director of Sagrada Familia Clinic
Buenos Aires, Argentinien

„The use of an application like Join has been extremely useful in a medical institution such as the Sagrada Familia Clinic.
It helps to organize, stratify, share and assign responsibilities in temporal order One knows that as the alerts arrive, we can organize them.
It is a notable example of the use of information technology and artificial intelligence applied to a specific need.

Being able to use metrics, measure a certain time since I am notified by Join that I have a case until I arrive, since the patient arrives until I take the image, since I take the image until I can start the treatment, This is invaluable, it is priceless. It undoubtedly makes one go on and on permanently.

The pandemic has put the health system to the test, not only in Argentina but in the world.
The fact that 4 or 5 doctors do not need to be together in person to share the information of a specific patient but each one can share it in real time in a virtual fashion has been essential in times of pandemic.
I never get tired of saying at every meeting or in every place where I meet with my fellow directors from other medical institutions that there are few things that can help us so much.

It really marks a remarkable change. It’s a bit like life BEFORE and AFTER Join.
This is how we have lived it and I think it is a tool extremely important to recommend to our colleagues because it will change the life of the institution and therefore it will change the lives of our patients.
And for that we work everyday, we can’t forget that we provide a service.“