Allm provides MyPass for “Vaccinations and Testing Information” demonstration at public events

Allm provides an infectious disease control solution “MyPass” for “Vaccinations and Testing Information” demonstration at public events, aiming to realize a digital health passport using Allm’s MySOS

Tokyo, Japan (Oct. 20th, 2021) – Allm Inc. is pleased to announce that it will provide the infectious disease control solution “MyPass” developed by Allm for the government’s technological demonstration of a “vaccination and testing information” for large-scale events.

Flow chart of technology demonstration


Allm will provide the infectious disease control solution “MyPass” for the “vaccination and testing information” technology demonstration.
MyPass is an infectious disease control solution that combines with support app of life-saving “MySOS”, developed and provided by Allm, with various tests to monitor the health status of participants before and after an event.
This technology demonstration will be conducted on some participants of a music event scheduled to be held in Chiba Prefecture. The participants will be divided into three groups, and each group will undergo various tests prior to the event, and the results of these tests, vaccination records, and health conditions will be registered into the participants’ MySOS. The information registered in MySOS is linked to the event’s ticketing system, and upon scanning the QR code on the electronic ticket at the time of entry, the admission status is decided, thereby realizing watertight measures against infectious disease spreading. After the event, operational issues and data analysis will be conducted.

<MySOS registration details>
Each group will register their health status 3 days prior to the event. In addition to this, the following information should be registered for each group.

Group 1: Registration of vaccination records
Register the vaccination record in MySOS at least 4 days prior to the event.

Group 2: PCR test by mail
Three days prior to the event, participants will collect their own specimens and mail them to a designated medical institution.

Group 3: Antigen test
On the day before the event, take the test online with the assistance of an operator or take a video of the test results yourself and register it in MySOS.

Sample image of taking an antigen test online

Through thorough infection risk management using MyPass, we aim not only to realize safe and secure event entertainment, but also to support smart admission as a “digital health passport” by linking the MySOS application with the ticketing system.

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