Successful days at the iCure Stroke in Istanbul, Turkey

At the end of June, iCure Stroke opened its doors in Istanbul, welcoming stroke experts, organizations and companies from around the world.

As a company that has been active in the field of stroke for many years, Allm was represented with a booth at the event. During the three days, numerous guests from all over the world were welcomed at the booth, including well-known guests such as Prof. Demetrius Lopes (USA), Prof. Serdar Geyic, Prof. Dr Atilla Özcan Özdemire, Assc. Prof Erdem Gürkas (all Turkey), Dr. Benjamin Sarkodie (Ghana), Dr. Feroza Motara (South Africa), Dr. Ossama Mansour (Egypt) and Dr. Rasulov Orzikulovich (MOH – Uzbekistan).

There were exciting conversations and discussions about current developments in the field of stroke and how digital solutions can support the experts even more. It was also about how Join is already being used successfully in the MENA region and about significant improvements in treatment and patient outcomes. Not only in the MENA region, but worldwide experts are convinced of Join – the solution is in use in more than 30 countries.

Allm’s know-how was also in demand in front of the camera. Colleagues Nour and Paul explained how Join as a tool in stroke helps to bridge and enhance communication within stroke team and how comprehensive stroke centers can support acute stroke ready centers by quick exchange of information to help make a decision.

The event was a complete success and offered many opportunities to talk to existing and new contacts, to learn about current medical trends and to meet different industries, all with different ideas and innovations on tackling stroke.

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